The Many Benefits of Giving Your Infant a Massage

Massaging your infant can be one of the most relaxing experiences you have, and it doesn’t even have to be long or complicated! As long as you’re gentle, your baby will enjoy being pampered with a quick massage.

Not only that, but regular massages will provide many benefits to your infant’s health and well-being! Regular gentle massaging is an integral part of newborn care, especially if you want to soothe your baby and give them a peaceful sleep.

Here are just some of the things you might notice if you give your baby massages from an early age.

Massaging can have positive effects on your baby’s brain.

Massaging your baby can have some positive effects on their brain. It has been shown to: increase serotonin levels, which can help with mood; decrease levels of cortisol, the hormone related to stress; and increase the ability to regulate emotions.

All these benefits result in greater emotional regulation and an enhanced ability to self-soothe.

Massaging also has some calming effects on babies that aren’t just related to their emotional health but their physical well-being as well.

Babies who are massaged sleep better

It’s been found that infants who receive massage therapy sleep better and wake less often than those that don’t. They also startle less, which makes it easier for them to go back to sleep.

Plus, regular massage can help ease the pain of gas and colic, which can be very unpleasant for both the baby and their parents.

Massage is soothing and calming, as well as strengthening. One of the myths about newborn care is that massaging is an old-age tradition, but gentle massage is the best way to relax and soothe your baby. Gentle stroking on the head or chest has been shown to have beneficial effects on heart rate, breathing, temperature regulation, and crying in babies with colic.

Babies who are massaged gain more weight, faster

Massaging an infant can be an important factor in their health as they grow. A study demonstrated that infants who were massaged gained more weight, faster, than infants who did not receive the same treatment. This is due to reflexes the baby’s body exhibits during a massage, which stimulates blood flow and leads to increased digestion and absorption.

Babies who are massaged cry less

Giving your infant a massage could reduce the baby’s crying. Some babies cry all the time, it seems like no matter what you do. Studies have shown that massaging an infant increases circulation and reduces muscle spasms, which might be why some babies cry less after being massaged.

Massaging also stimulates brain activity and development, which is important for emotional stability. Giving your infant a massage may result in reduced blood pressure and stress levels. Great bonding time

One way to connect with your baby is by giving them a massage. Whether you rub their tummy, back, or feet, you’re spending quality time. Not only will they feel soothed, but they’ll likely also fall asleep—which means more cuddle time for the both of you! But don’t worry if they don’t end up falling asleep. They’ll still enjoy the physical contact and attention.

Massages help to relieve constipation

Since babies pass gas through their bowels, they sometimes experience constipation. Moreover, it becomes hard to figure out why your baby is gassy. To remedy this, giving your baby a massage can help to relieve the problem. When you massage their abdomen in a circular motion, it will stimulate the intestines and bowel movements will occur.

Infant massages develop better motor skills

We all know that as children get older, they need to be exposed to a variety of environments and stimulations in order to develop properly. That is because it is necessary for their brains to learn and process different things while they are still developing. This learning process occurs even before they start speaking or walking, so it is important that adults give them the right stimulation at an early age. One way adults can do this is by giving infants regular massages.

Giving your infant regular massages is just one more way to show them love and enjoy the feeling of their smooth skin. The best time for this is right before bed, to get them in a relaxed state. The benefits of massaging your baby are endless, from reducing pain, calming down hyperactivity, relaxing before bedtime, soothing discomfort, encouraging bonding between parent and child and so much more!

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