ways to stimulate a child's brain

Try following the steps given below to stimulate your child’s brain

As a parent, you will always want what’s best for your child. In order to prepare them to cope with the world out there, you will need to create a strong foundation of values and education. To do that, stimulating your child’s brain is necessary. Through this, you will get an idea of your child’s interests, their talents and their dislikes. All of these will help you guide your child towards a stronger, healthier and better future.

To best stimulate your child’s brain, here are a few things you can do

Communicate: Having a proper conversation with your child every day is important. Discuss the day’s events, your child’s emotions, feelings and experiences. Put them into perspective.

Read books, play with puzzles: Reading to your child is a great idea. This definitely stimulates their brains and engages their very active imagination. It may also spur them on to read themselves. Puzzles are another way of teaching your child to be solution oriented. It also really pushes their boundaries of their imagination.

Let them explore: Allowing your child to have unique and fresh experiences is a must. Take them to different places – The beach or the hills, farms, gardens, museums etc. Let them experience the vibrancy of art and other parts of life. Let them ask questions and you find ways to answer them.

Teach them independence: When you teach your child the benefits of being independent – doing up their bed, helping with washing the dishes, picking up their toys and storing them properly, they start to learn quickly. They adapt and they pick things up far better.

Exercise: Children should be encouraged to do some physical activity daily which can take different forms like cycling ,running ,skipping and training in team sports like bas. These help in improving concentration and builds team spirit . Board games like chess and exercises like yoga help

Workshops and classes: There are numerous workshops and classes that can help your child learn a new skill, or hone one. Whether it’s dance, craft, art or anything else that they love doing, let them do it. Let them learn. Their brain needs to be stimulated and challenged.

Visit a pediatrician- Parenthood comes with a lot of challenges. New parents are often want to be perfect but at the same time they are confused and apprehensive about  what is right  and what is not. Regular visits to pediatrician can help you understand your childs needs better.A pediatrician can guide you to stimulate your child by advicing you about age appropriate activities, help monitor his development and identify early signs of delay and special needs so that treatment for the same can be instituted on time.