Growth Charts

Tracking your child’s growth is more than just a fun exercise and while good growth is very reassuaring ,growth faltering may be an earliest indicator of illness. A pediatrician will check your child’s height and weight and for children less than 5 years head circumference as well. Sometimes measurement of parents’ height may also be necessary. These parameters are plotted on growth chart which gives a pictoral depiction of your childs growth.

Pediatricians are trained to plot growth and interpret the growth patterns.

It is important that these critical measurements are accurately taken at regular intervals.

Children have a predictable rate of growth with some variations. Sometimes, they have growth spurts. This is not an issue and shouldn’t be treated with alarm.

While monitoring this data helps in identifying underlying issues if any, it also helps you in preparing them to accept their bodies the way they are. One should not compare children with their siblings or peers as every child is unique. Comparision can lead to poor self-esteem that can plague your child’s future.

Overweight is a harbinger of future obesity which is the epidemic of 21st century.Overweight and obesity can be identified early by growth monitoring.

There are many ailments and health problems that can be nipped in the bud by your doctor, if it’s caught in time. Regular growth charting is one of the easiest way to do this.

Visit to pediatricians clinic is recommended to measure antropometric parameters and charting growth

In first month of life– At birth, ages 1 week, 15 days, 1 month

In first year – One and a half months(6 weeks), two and a half months(10weeks), three and a half months(14 week) ,6 months ,9 months and 1 year.This is usually clubbed with vaccination

One year till puberty– 6 monthly visits for height and weight monitoring should be done.