8 Health and Safety tips when traveling with kids

You and your spouse may have traveled plenty and figured out a great set of hacks for safety and comfort in those travels. With kids now, you might think, How different is it going to be, right? If you’ve not traveled with your little ones before, be assured that you need to be prepared for tantrums, fussy eating, and other predicaments which can turn a fun family holiday into a nightmare. 

If you take the right precautions, and plan well for your trip, your kids will remain happy, safe and healthy, and give you peace of mind! From packing a travel first-aid kit to ensuring that your children get enough rest, these health tips for kids will help make sure they stay healthy and safe while traveling. So let’s get started! 

1) Carry a travel first-aid kit

Summer holidays in tropical destination locations can bring its own set of health concerns, such as insect bites, sunburns and allergies. A travel first-aid kit is essential for any family vacation. Here’s a quick checklist to ensure you have the most important items:  

  1. Make sure to include medicines for fever, upset stomach and other common illnesses. 
  2. Your kit should also include insect repellents that are suitable for kids. 
  3. Carry bandaids for cuts and bruises 
  4. Sunscreens and lotions for rashes and skin irritations.

It’s also a good idea to bring a few extra items, such as lip balm, and hand sanitizer that will help keep your family safe and healthy while on vacation

2) Wear face masks

With the current global health situation that is still unpredictable, it’s important for parents to take extra precautions to keep their children safe. One of the most important tips is to wear face masks while traveling. This will help protect you and your kids from germs in airports, on airplanes, and in crowded public areas. It also helps to make sure that you are following social distancing guidelines and not coming too close to other people. As an added bonus, face masks can also offer some protection against the summer heat and sunburn. So be sure to pack some face masks in your luggage when packing for your trip.

3) Carry your own snacks and water

Summer can be a particularly busy time for airports. For parents, it can be tempting to let your kids indulge in snacks available at the airport. But packing snacks and water for your kids is essential for health and safety reasons. Not only will it help them avoid any unnecessary tummy upsets, but it will also keep them feeling full if they are fussy eaters and have specific favourite foods. Furthermore, having snacks on hand is great for keeping kids energized and engaged during long flights or layovers. Make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks to keep your kids happy and well-fed throughout the journey.

4) Research in advance places for meals that kids will eat

What happens to meal-time during your holiday? When traveling with kids, it’s important to plan ahead for meals that they will actually eat. Researching in advance the places you will be visiting can help you plan accordingly. A great way to make sure that your kids are eating what they love is to look for restaurants and cafes that offer kid-friendly meals such as sandwiches and finger foods. You can also visit fruit and vegetable vendors to buy some of their favourites, like apples, bananas, and carrots, which you can easily carry in your bag and have on demand to manage unexpected hunger pangs.

5) Carry extra baby supplies

It is always a good idea for parents traveling with babies to carry extra baby supplies with them. This way, you don’t have to worry about running out of formula, diapers, baby wipes, lotions, shampoo, or soap when you are away from home. Not only will this help keep your baby comfortable, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that your child is safe and healthy using their own stuff. Pack enough baby supplies to last the duration of your trip, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing them during your travels.

6) Dress in layers

Dress your kids in layers to combat the fluctuating temperatures while flying. Choose clothing with zippers and buttons for easy fitting and removing. Kids may frequently have to use the bathroom, so it makes sense to select clothing that can make going to the bathroom convenient, such as pull-ups. It is also a good idea to wear slip-on shoes rather than shoes with laces. You can save some time at the airport by doing this. Carry a light stole that can team up as a blanket in case they feel cold during flights.

7) Take off and descent

Your child may face trouble adjusting to the changing air pressure and end up hurting their ears. If you think this is the case, try offering them a pacifier or feeding them from a bottle. Kids may want to suck on a lollipop or chew on some candy during the flight to help their ears. Drinking some water while landing and while taking off can help the ears, too.

8) Time zones

Before planning to travel by air with kids, it is wise to think about the time difference you are likely to encounter as well as how it might affect your children’s schedule. It is common for children to experience jet lag and get upset by the change. Please make sure your schedule is as flexible as possible to help make allowances for your child’s sleeping and eating schedules. We recommend selecting a flight that falls around your child’s regular sleeping schedule. Incase it’s your child’s sleeping time just at the time of landing, avoid letting them sleep during the entire duration of the flight. 

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be stressful! If you plan ahead and follow these health tips for kids while traveling with them, you can have a fun and enjoyable trip. With summer coming up, remember to bring the right supplies and snacks, plan for time zone changes, and stay flexible. Finally, don’t forget to take regular breaks and get plenty of rest to make sure your kids stay healthy and happy throughout your trip.

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